What a great event! Tattoos, rock and great people!

4.10. organized in Aulanko, Hämeenlinna Tattoo  Rock weekend firs time.

There was top tattoo artists from both, Finland and Sweden.

Tony Raita, Inge Norlin, Taru Kivinen, Juho Sipilä, Joni Lukin, Johan Erikson, Veera Sipilä, Manny Alisson, Markus Heimonen ja Aki Häkkinen

kuva 7  kuva 8  <—some psychos <3

There been seen also airbrushing by Taru Kivinen.

Karate Show by Shoreikan Karateclub from Lahti. They did some awesome act and breaking bricks.

Marco Planting have Kustom Kulture stand and lots of lots of great art books.

kuva3 kuva4


Kari Nieminen was presented the idea and Aulanko Rantasipi Spa&Hotel arrange the event and  have great premises for that. Kari have been arrange tattoo events for long time in Europe and known artists and bands.

Night Nurse have opportunity to join this growing group. Bands and tattoo artists was held in good care. Thanks!



Jani Rantanen, Rantasipi Spa and Hotel says that this event going to be every year. 2015 in some point of the fall. In This weekend went  well in relation to that was a lot of events on top of each other and this was the first time.




I have opportunity to be there to act in two mission. PR and Night Nurse!

I was doing pr for Angel & Devils shops stand. Petri and Minna Ruotsalainen owns that shop in Hämeenlinna.

I was wearing Sullen Angels clothing all day and I can say, those clothes are quality.

You can find products here:

angel and devils

I was proudly get change to pose with Demonico, the albino python molurus, which is a my close friends, Sami Huhtalas snake.

That creature is star! Demo have been modelling with several people and even been in finish magazine with celebrities.


Sullen girls, Laura Hyrkkö, me an Heidi Kallioinen

demomajasami   samidemojalassi

Me, Demonico, Sami Huhtala, who is a multiple world champion professional powerlifter and  Lassi Sidoro with his splitted tongue.



Me and finnish actor Juha Veijohnen



The evening was hosted by Lassi Sidoro who is also professional bodymondification artist.



Audio Show with technical matters by (Sami Torvinen) Sound Mixer was Panu Koskinen.


ekabändi   tokabändi   nightnurse

Johnny Hootch Gang (swe)

20th Flight Rockers (Fin)

Night Nurse (Fin)



Night Nurse and me personally thanks Rantasipi Spa&Hotel, Hämeenlinna!!! <3 And everyone there!


Photos by Toni Rasinkangas and others taken by me.