My fitness week, shaping my burlesque figure, different I might say :D


I hate word fitness, but I do not know good word to replace it.

I started my quick diet. I going to burn some fat and try to get new results. And of course I want to feel good and look good at my coming shows, gigs and photo shootings 😀 I can not deny that. ;)I want people to see the see figure and lady what they have seen in pics. 😉

I have been sick a lot in these last months. Maybe I push my self too much and all this hurry and tress coast this flues and stomach pains…

But now I have rested and eaten a lot and I ‘m back on track! My style to do fitness is like I try to listen my body, do it like every work out is fun and I’m motivated. I’m not professional athlete, so sports have to be fun and alternative! If I’m tired, I rest and eat. Enjoying life and bad habits.


I did morning walk, go to gym, there I did work out to my back. I have not loose my powers, only the long pause get me little bit confused and I spinning around, hahhaa! In evening I also did walk with walking sticks, because I have some trouble with my left shoulder. And I hope that stick walking going to help a bit.


…was fun. Morning walk and then my friend Sami Huhtala picked me up and say, let’s do some tandem bench press today and let’s do a video too. Crazy guy, but that was fun!

We did go to Classic Gym, Tampere where they say “Back to basics” Really great gym at Pyynikki.  Near fitness trail and Pyynikki’s stair where people go do work outs. Sami usually do his bench training with Antti Kurtti there. Oh my good those guys knows how to do power lifting. Fuckin’ strong men those two. I have done some work outs with them and I have so much to learn about iron 😀 if I am going to raise the maximum… Maybe I try,  let’s see.

Find this Tandem Bench Press video here:

Last press was 290kg!

Classic Logo



I wake up in Hämeenlinna. We  had Night Nurse rehearsals at Helsinki day before.  3,5 hours crazy psychobilly. I was tired at morning but walk to railway station and enjoying views, Hämeenlinna castle and Aulanko. So there it was, morning walk! I combine traveling and sports, hahhaa! Sparse doing morning walks in leather jacket, tight jeans and Converse sneakers 😀 😀 😀

image1-–-kopioweb IMG_3771web.


After I have arrived to studio I did some tattooing, video editing and drawing. Afternoon my good friend Juha “Jussi” Hakala calculated my fat % and it was 20%, easy number to start. I do not usually  use scale. But now I write the weight up before this target…. I just do not know what it is exactly. I just try to concentrate how I feel and of course how I look 😉 But still now the scale shows me number 61. I going to lost 3kg. Let it be my goal and my coming shows!!! Lots of great burlesque dates and Night Nurse gigs are coming!!!


-poisonous music for sick people-



powerhousukorttikuva_srcset-large image1web

image2web image3web

I go to Powerhouse Gym, Tampere and Jussi friend of mine, look after me and whipped my shoulders and abs. Oh my good what a burn!!! Jussi Hakala had 20 years active career as a bodybuilder and starter a wight lifting 1977! He is massage therapist too, having his own practice here in my studio! He have treat peoples muscles 25 years. So if you need professional help, coaching, with training etc, contact him!

I have always think that I work out hard but what is important to notice that sometimes I have to have coach! I have go to schools FISAF,  personal training, but sometimes you use to your things too much and different views is good for your progress. Jussi have done some training program for me earlier too, also Mikko Melberg and they both are really good what they do! Nowadays I’m also interested power lifting and curious what kind of results I can get and I have some help in that area too.  I’m going to write wide range of my work outs and people around that too!



Morning walk, tattoo work, legs at gym and again tattoo work. Rest of the evening: resting. Saturday we have gig with Night Nurse so I want to relax a bit and rehearsal and mix to psych.

This is easy and I love what I do! Morning walks, gym and healthy food combine with rock’n’roll life!


American Car Show 2015 and Cadillac Club of Finland


I was honored to be present CCOF public stand at the fair. American Car Show fair is arranged every year Easter time at Helsinki.

CCOF theme this year was from the womb to the grave, with Cadillac. The stand was on display in the ambulance with doctor and pregnant woman, limousine with married couple and  hearse with coffin, me as a vampire a and all was staged fun.


I want to thank you Cadillac Club of Finland about this opportunity to perform. I have a greatest time and it was great to meet you all there!!

If you are interested about Cadillacs, they are your passion or hobby let’s check their website and maybe consider membership!

Firs the idea to be in stand was my friends Iivu Asunta’s. He recommended be there as a nurse with his Cadillac Ambulance. But after I noticed that the Cadillac hearse, my dream car,  will be there I get idea to let my Dracula’s daughter character out!

My perform as Countess Zalevska get her first shows. Dracula’s daughter was great character and I was pleased how that was working at this event with the Cadillac Hearse -57

My upcoming shows I going to use a coffin!!! Real coffin, stylish 😉

At the stand was lot of program in those four days what the fair lasts, but  on  Friday and Saturday, there was me and live music by Merciless Rockers, awesome guys and great music. Fits well in the stand and they also played on Saturday in evening party at Pressa nightclub with Texas Oil. I’m going to have a show whit Texas Oil at Hämeenlinna 16.5.

Of course I have to make some jokes there too 😀


IMG_2423_web IMG_2425_web

SEE Merciless Rockers VIDEO HERE, facebook:

Sunday was womens  day and monday family day. I didn’t was there anymore but I heard that those days was nice too.

Few pics more from my show, Saturday 4.4.2015

Oh my goood I love this costume. Hat, robe, corset and wraparound dress are by Salonkiompelimo Hironia. The most talented and great person, Anni Hiro!

IMG_2339_web IMG_2308_web  

Bite bite bite! During the show I select a victim…



Photos: Ari Jokinen



This video is from Saturday’s last show. I have to confess that I was quite tired at this point and I think it wasn’t the best presentation, but I’m happy to get this video!!! Thank you shooter 😉 J.K.



 ….and of history

Funny thing was that when I had last been American Car Show, it was the year 2002. I took part in Miss Hot Rod competition 😀 hahahaa! First that idea was a joke, my friend informed me to the competition. I was a crowd favorite and by judge votes I got second place.

Collection of old photos here 😀 year 2002! hahhaahaa! 13 years ago… much has happened… But the same red head there.