Photo art by Janne Blomberg


What is photo art or what is nude art?


Like I have tell you in my homepage, I do NOT  pornographic shooting. Ok, I might be naked but does it mean that is all about sex?

I have worked with many photographers and do pin ups, alternative, fashion,  etc and also nude shootings.

I have working few times with Janne.  Janne is really talented and precise. Have really good taste and organize places and settings great.

I’ve be honored to work with him. Usually I share my nude art at my VIP gallery, where is a lot of pictures and photo series. This time I want to share few these photos with you to show one area of my profession and introduce Janne to you:

Janne Blomberg has long described the various ruins, bunkers, trenches, deserted factories and burnt houses. “They are considered abandoned and forgotten, to me, however, are essentially a new space where I can create my images of the soul”.

By photographing objects and adding certain details to the vicinity of the details of the nude human body, can get the viewer to see the above-mentioned structures completely different objects and entities. Photo purpose is to highlight objects raw and natural beauty.


Janne have had displays, arrange for example in art galleries, or coffee places or restaurants. He have also publish high quality photobook.

Work what he is  doing really makes you thinking.

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Janne Blomberg  Copyright


Pleace check hes sites:



Photos from our shootings: Click to see them bigger and full size. ( of curse web packing)

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Janne Blomberg  Copyright