Infrared Wrap !!!

Back to the preparation for the Finnish Championship competition. As a busy person I should focus on the most important thing, strength, right up until the previous week, and because I had some issues with my legs as my calves were stopping me from running, the aerobic side of my training was almost non existent during the weeks prior to the competition. I left the aerobic training until the last week and rested my legs. My starting weight on monday was 67,8kg, and I was terrified and shocked. I hadn’t stepped on a scale for weeks. My normal weight is around 63kg, but it was after a weekend, spent with my son eating treats and very salty and sugary food. That kinda food tends to get me bloated, and have to say, my body felt really tense and feet heavy.

So I started the hard work. Every morning I did 50min of 50C in an infrared bag, then a hour of brisk walking, then again the infrared bag for 50mins, this time in 60C, to speed up the sweating. I would do this same routine every evening. So I went to the “sauna” four times aday. During the last week I did a light excercise three times aday, just to get the fluids moving, body staying warm and the pressure in the muscles. The good thing was, that even though I am a busy person, the bag was easy to pack with me when I had to stay away from home over night.The one thing I noticed after warming the muscles up in the infrared bag was, that during the whole week I felt no pain walking or jogging, and that I could finish every run without my heel causing discomfort. It felt like the muscle membrane was giving in and the SRI (Stress Related Injury) was starting to heal. The remaining of the time I continued like this, right up until Thursday morning, and the stress of the competition combined with the trying to loose the weight started showing results. During the first couple of days I Iost a few kilos and then the rest I dropped by not eating or drinking anything in the last 24hrs coming up to the weigh in. The weigh in was at 11AM on Friday morning and I weighed in at 59,5kg, fit for my weight class, so total weight loss was 8,3kg. All this in four days! All the planned jogs and the trips to the gym actually happened without pain due to this infrared bag, and the recovery after each activity was extremely speedy. For the last 24hrs before the competition I concentrated fully on rehydrating, refueling and getting my strenght right.

Competition day, hard training and the mental pain of the week before the competition paid off: I won Finnish champion with the total score of 419kg, Finnish Champion in squats, with the new Finnish record, and a new Finnish record also in deadlift. With bench presses I beat my own record by 2,5kg, with the score of 85kg.

My body tends to gather fluid very easily due to stress, not sleeping enough, being too busy and some hormonal reasons due to menstrual cycle. Especially I have to say that strecthing was easier due to the deep warming, no annoying pain this time, so this bag will be a very important tool to me in the future too, with regards to my other projects. Infrared doesn’t just remove extra fluids from the body, it also removes toxins and smoothes the skin. Because I am a performing artist and a model, the bag will help me in the future not only by helping me prepare for the jobs physically, but also by making me feel better on the inside. Next I am going to tell you about getting ready for my other projects and how this bag will be a part of that.