Psychobella Camy Burlesque Show

You can book me to do burlesque show. Enjoy with all your senses and be seduced!

Follow me and soon you will see on through this blog what you can experience.

Burlesque Violet by Psychobella Camy      Burlesque Violet by Psychobella Camy



Pin Up shooting at Viiala

Day in Akaa, Viiala was full of american style. Hape Naskali needed some pics and I was pleased to pose for him. He is member of car club and live in rock’n’roll life for some time. Always?

with Photographer Pex Siltala we take two sets. He have done photoshootings as a hobby but have taken pictures for bands years.

One classic pin up poses first,  thinking abaut the car, it’s not about me all the time. Hahhaa! That ingeniously painted Invicta is painted by its owner.

The place where we shoot first was Nahkatehdas. There is carages etc action. The red bricks fit nicely as a background.



Buick Invicta Custom Coupe 2ht 1960



Buick Lesabre 400 2ht coupe 1966.



Here is the crewPex Siltala, me, and Hape Naskali, owner of the cars and Mikko Peltonen


Club Psycho #1


Club PsychoSka launched their psychobilly night ‘Club Psycho’ in Kouvola in a well-known rock venue House of Rock on the 5th of September 2014.
The idea behind Cluc PsychoSka is to bring more live music to Kouvola area. All music and bands performing in Club PsychoSka nights are chosen according to the club founders own musical taste.

Plans are to organize Club Psycho and Club Ska nights in every six months.
Club PsychoSka wants to give opportunities to upcoming Finnish and especially local talents from marginal music scene as well as bring in some international cult bands that are rarely seen in Finland.



Thank everyone there! I’m so glad that someone has the energy and the means to organize these. I know how difficult it is!



Night Nurse proudly get plase in lineup with great Coffin Nails from UK and CP-Cats (fin)

I was lucky and I got to design a poster and logo.

psychoSka  tompsychoska  nurse


We have so much fun at Kokkola. Psychobilly crowd was again the most amazing and the sound on stage and throughout the room really well. Many thanks to the sound man too.

CP-Cats after gig! WHOOHOO! CRAZYYYYY!!!