15.00 In afternoons, If I do not go to countryside and rest I stay in city, work or rehearsal my burlesque act or I have appointments, see friends or maybe photo shoot.


Nowadays I have maybe 4-5 photo shoot an a month. That’s nice. Some just for fun and others for assignment.  Also Night Nurse, my band have to rehearsal too. I have 2 hour way to drive there with car or go neasr with train or bus. Our new bass player lives in Hämeenlinna so he is half of way to Helsiki. Usually we go thet last 100km together.


Because I have to eat in a car, I have protein drinks and bars with me. So I manage rest of evening with them. Not good food, but healthy and nonfat.

16.30 To day I have to go to Helsinki. On my way I have time to see my friend, drinkk cup of coffee and work on on a common project. Then I jumped in Mike ‘The Dick’ Bayends car and and soon we were at the Hyndes place.

18.00 First we played new songs with guys and after that 19.00 we go to Konala, Helsinki, to take some new photos for Promotion! So much fun! Photos was taken by Pasi Tee, who have shoot me a lot. He is very good and know right away what kind of pic we want.


10929080_913191748693125_946687446028986316_n logolla_MG_7407_



So, after morning activities I starting to do my daily job as a tattoo artist. If I have something to sketch, I usually do it in same day when customer comes but if she or he want to see it few days before, I draw it earlier of course.

To day I started my day after morning walk, 9.00

My first customer wanted some wine at her ribs. I did it free hand. Later we going to add more wine. two , lighter grays with black.










OK! That piece going to grow… so in progress.


11.00 I EAT! Today I have some pork and vegetables. Yam! There is little bit of fat, but my world does’t fall for that! My fats and carbs are quite low so I definitely need some.

Also I think that I’m not athlete who goes championships  so that is not serious.




Next work was cower up. So there it is pin up girl! Here is pic before and after.

image image-(3)


13.00 I take a snack, protein drink.

And last work was permanent make up, eyeliners. I also do eyebrows and lips, hair etc cosmetic tattoos.



In my TattooCamy Facebook page you find more pics. I really bad  remember  to take photos of my tattoos. And I think that the best time to take photo is when tattoo is healed. Now I have to be more active and take pics and post them.



14.30 I eat, again!  Berries, guark, berry/banana smoothie


15.00 I Go to gym.  I like the simple things, simple training also. Like, you can do your workout nearly anywhere. I also go and workout different places, it depends where I’m at and if I need help or sometimes nice for a change to go other gyms.

Today I did my leg training. at Classic Gym.

Some really good action for my ass! Later I’m going to write my whole training program for you!! My workout lasts like 40 minutes.

16.00 Recovery Drink, protein drink.

I hope the best motivation for you with all sports!

Athletic side of me




My days schedule, MORNINGS #1


Many people have asked and wondered how I managed to do so many things and be active. Now I start to post here in my blog, how my mornings go, how I do my work and how I arrange all band things, dancing, performing and modelling. Also I introduce some people and friends around me. Some of them want to be anonymous so I respect that.


5.30 I wake upp. After that I drink like 2 cups of black coffee. Then I drive to work and drink more, like 1-2 cups. I know, it’s sounds a lot, but it’s helps me to get my body work. Black coffee is also good for burning fat. I always do my morning aerobic training with empty stomach. Just coffee, black! …water if I remember… I don’t know why its so hard to drink enough water!

7.00 I do my morning aerobic training, walking or swimming. If I don’t have time enough, I do 20 minutes interval exercise, running hills or stairs, up and down. Sometimes jogging feels good, so then I do that 40 minutes. Usually my morning walk is 1-1.5 hour. I always choose motivating route where nature is beautiful and air fresh. If I’m somewhere travelling I usually take walk in city.

Here is nice view from Kauppi, Tampere.

8.30 breakfast

kuva-41-1024x768I eat porridge, cottage cheese and berries. That doesn’t look delicious but it is! or muesli, yoghurt and quark.

9.00 I starting to draw some designs for my customers in tattoo shop. Also I read mails, do some social media posting etc and if I have some photos to post-processed, I check them out and upload to my site galleries.  I have also take some photos recently so I do some photoshopping…

11.00 I usually do my first tattoo work of that day. I do different kinds of work. I’m not into some style. I try to learn about every piece I do. I have done tattoos from 2003. I do permanent make ups too.