My depute as a burlesquer at Queen Calavera

queen calavera

Like I tell you earlier I was exited to make my debut at Queens. Like people who have follow burlesque world know the place is like home of burlesque and well known. Many performers like to do perform there! I’m so thankful that Sven give me opportunity to do my first performing as a burlesquer there and trust me and my doings that much.




My trip starts at Wednesday. I deed to chance a plane at Riga but  everything went well. I was in Hamburg 19pm. I’m a little bit stressed about travelling with metro or train or buss in foreign countries so I take a taxi and I find my way to Sven’s place safely. I was amazed how nice flat there was for girls. I got my own room and make myself comfortable. Early in bed and next morning I went out and do morning walk at park near by. I did my morning walk every morning there. One day I go to the harbor and that was beautiful place. I bought some souvenir for my family.

I struggle with my music every day. I even changed songs in same day when first shows was. Music thing are really important to me and I don’t want them to be too much used in B. Fortunately, I was packed my laptop with me and get done some mixing. First day there was some difficulties with levels but I fix it in the end and those was better in Friday and Saturday. But still I think I going to chance few thing…

At Thursday I was so nervous. Firs act went like I don’t remember anything about it. I have’t any choreographic in any of my performs, but I just did what I felt like and danced. Friday went well and at Saturday was the last shows. My pearls from my costume running at stage, but still there was fun and I did not be nervous anymore.  After my first show at Saturday night , we surprised Sven because it was his birthday. I singed a happy b song and Giddy gave a cake and Marlene champagne shower. I think Sven was totally surprised.

That weekend was awesome. I have chance to meet two really talented professional performers Giddy and Marlene.

1image 2image-(1) image-(1)-–-kopio2 image-–-kopio2

Giddy was first who arrived at Thursday. She are from London and have performed at Queens many times. I have a good time with her at Queens and free time, we have dinner to together, we watching movies and chat about burlesque… Really lovely person and her characters at stage is fun!

Marlene arrived Friday. She is from Berlin and among other things arrange the B festivals in Berlin. She have awesome acts, sensual, fetish and beautiful. She help me with busstrip to Berlin. We traveled together. I did go Berlin to say hello to my friends after days at Queens. It was nice to have her company along the way and we talk a lot about my future in B world. She gave me good advises and that going to help me a lot.

At Saturday we have photo shoot at Queens. Sven going to use photos for promoting.

There was two photographers. Mandy Privenau have work shop with burlesque shooting and her mentor was Johanna Edler. Mandy take awesome live pictures of bands and performers. FIND HERE: Pictures Of Life

I get few pics from her already at Facebook.


But I was shocked when I get Johannas photos! Who is her in the photo? Me? Oh, how she do that? I look like princess.

Her FB page is here, look! Johanna Edler Photography:

Johanna_web Johanna_web2


Unfortunately there is no video of my acts. Next time I have to ask someone to take some. And that next time going to be in may! I really wait that! I have developed my characters and asked my friend  to compose music for me!

In May I’m going to see more Hamburg. Beautyfull city, so much to see.