My athletic side. Powerlifting.

I have told you earlier that I do gym and I like to do long morning walks. Nowadays a have find that jogging give me really good feeleing. Also I started boxing and I loving it!

But let’s have a look my doings with weights.

Few important people around me said that if you are that strong you should take a part in power lifting competitions. Ok,I have thinking abaot it first time year ago, but I was not ready. Burlesque take my time at that point, but now I have trained and planning my gym things with goals, have few great results in competitions and I have already take a part in two!

My friend Jussi Hakala coaching and he was with me at Savonlinna Record Breaking competition. It was FPO:s thing. Finish powerlifting Organisations organized competition and it was really good experience and I even get trophy and make anwe record under 60kg series in deadlift! It’s Official organizations record! And got the second place! I also did bench press but because I did not listen to commands my lift was disqualified. It would also been record, 82,5kg 8 but shit! Ok, need to fix that thing!



In this IPA / FPO international record breaking competition


My second competition was in Turku. Basso. There was raw bush and pull thing. Same thing happened in bench.. I listen the comands but forget that I have ass and again, my press was disquqlified. But I did my personal record in deadlift 152,5kg.


Now new coals for that and now will focus on technique in press! Next competition is in 19.3. and there is opportunity to fix the record thing what I which screwed up in Savonlinna. Wish me luck!

image1 image2 image3 image4


Because I was so angry for my self, that I did not listened the comands here, I made few new coals and I’m going to continue with powerlifting and take a part coming competitions! Squats is under training. Juha Jussi Hakala is my coach, one of my people who I respect a lot. Thanks Jussi <3

Link to my benchpress: