RAW Powerlifting SM

RAW Powerlifting SM

Finnish Competition, Piikkiö, Finland, FPO


Yeah, all that hard work was worth it. After I did my decision to compete in power lifting I work hard and  got the Finnish championship at -60kg class.

I was a little disappointed in the bench press result when certain iron was supposed to be 90 but it did not get it. I won the competition anyway whitout that 5kg 😀

My total was 410kg

Squat 160kg

Bench press 85kg

Dead lift 165kg


My aquat was the best, women overall in competition.

Summer break  from competing. New goals is placed again and in the autumn I start working hard in those things in my mind.

Now training at the gym is the maintenance of the power level and enjoyed to the fullest boxing, bodybuilding, and the presence of music and burlesque. Come and see me at gigs!