MalTease Burlesque Show 4.-6.11. Malta

Oooooh <3

How wonderful experiment and beautiful country.

Firs I want thank you all! Performers, it was great yo meet you all and great to get know you. You are all so talented, and special, everyone, different way.



This awesome event was created by Undine LaVerve. The Malta’s one and only queen of B. Together with her family she organized this magnificent event where was performers from many countries. Everyone have one show per  night and there was 3 days program and those all was sold out!





My work as a beautisian at Diamond Clinic


I graduated as a beautisian 2010 and work in my own studio for a while but later I noticed that in the I must concentrate only tattoos there. But I wabted to keep my professional skills in good condition so after I have speakede with Mirja from Diamond Clinic I get place to do treatments there! How nice is that! we have worked together in the past, I have done permanent make ups for them and I have used their services myself.

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At winter I did go Eurocosmetics educations for using Sothy’s production in my treatments. This high quality cosmetic serie is for pro use only and you can also buy products from your beautician.


Like I told you before I work as a beautician in Diamond Clinic and I did get opportunity to learn some skills to do Filers and mesotherapy. I have done lips and fillers for furrows, moisturizing and lifting treatments by mesotherapy. Soon I be able do Thread Lifting !! Stay focused and get your facelift!

I use Jalor fillers and because now at this moment I’m  beginner I do simple treatments like filling lips, mesotherapy and filling wrinkles around mouth.  Filler5s are hyaloric acid. Here is something what I copy from Jalor’s page:


Hyaluronic acid is something we all have in our bodies. Treat wrinkles or give more volume to lips and cheeks with JALOR, which is a sophisticated high technology pure hyaluronic acid filler. It is produced in Switzerland, as the factory’s improved second generation filler. High quality innovative cross-linked technology gives beautiful, natural and long-lasting results.

The treatment is immediate, since it requires only a few minutes and can be carried out straight after a simple medical consultation. The application is virtually painless and generally requires no anaesthesia of any sort. The results of JALOR treatment are long-lasting but not permanent. As in all hyaluronic acid fillers, over time natural reabsorption of the pure hyaluronic acid occurs. When the treatment is repeated after several months, the result will stay longer.

The entire JALOR range benefits from a very advanced purification and homogenisation process. After having aligned the hyaluronan chains, the next step is cross-linking with BDDE, thus creating, using the latest innovations, a three-dimensional matrix with a very fine mesh, making it possible to obtain a more homogenius gel than other formulas. The product is also highly viscous and elastic. Through a highly sophisticated purification procedure, all the undesired chemical components, including oxygen, are eliminated, allowing the product to reach full stability in the syringe. In our JALOR family we have three different options for you.

JALOR RE-STYLE is for moisturizing skin and bio-stimulation. Natural, non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid has an important role in preventing skin aging, allowing skin elasticity and firmness to be regained.
Concentration HA 18mg/ml
Stabilising agent glycero 20mg/ml
Molecular weight 3 million Daltons

JALOR STYLE is for fullness in every solution. It is a high-concentration filler of cross-linked hyaluronic acid with bio-stimulating free hyaluronic acid.
Concentration HA 23mg/ml
Reticulating agent BDDE (butanediol diglycidyl ether)
Degree of crosslinking ***
Dinamic viscosity 500.000 Pa s

JALOR INTENSE is for all types of volume. It has the same dual-action as Jalor Style, only with more cross-links. The duration is exceptional for a reabsorbable product: it varies between 8 and 18 months following implantation.
Concentration HA 23mg/ml