I have taken classes and trained more to give you best professional beauty care. Now you can book me to do microrolling and mesotherapy with micro pen.

Also I do the basic mesotherapy and fillers by injections, remodeling lips and correct wrinkles and folds. Re-modelling deep wrinkles or correct superficial lines. Or do brightening, regenerating treatments by using different products for all purposes.

And mesotrings!! That lifting treatment is revolutionary treatment for skin tightening and lifting as well as V-shaping the face. These threads are made of PDO (polydioxanone) material which is similar to the threads used in surgical stitches. PDO would continuously stimulate collagen synthesis under skin. When inserted into the skin, it acts as a “scaffold”  for the skin which helps to “hold” the skin against the effects of gravity.

About micropen: This gentle micro-exfoliating tool helps plump and firm skin while significantly improving skincare absorption and efficacy. Needling stimulate skin, repair it and its great foe acne scars!

These rollers are most beneficial when paired with one of serums to treat hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, dryness and uneven skin tone and texture.

Each patient has unique skin needs and requirements. Make appontment and we do planning and consultation for you.  The variable pen position feature allows micropen professionals to customize a treatment for best clinical results.