We have show at Treviso, Italy. After friday night we have time to check out the Trevio and Venice. Oooh, so beautiful place.

Good food and nice weather. We spend nice time together and planning future. We have plenty of time so we also bought some souvenirs.



MicePower, Venice

Nasty Boy’s Saloon, Treviso




I was performing at Italy!

Me and my band get change to get on stage at Nasty Boy’s saloon.Friday was burlesque night. I have shows with adorable Pocket Girl and stage kitten was beautiful Mia. I take my classical shows  “I put spell on you” and Wild Swing” with me and the third was the Paint it Black act. Audience was great and really did know what they have cometo see. Thank you!!! <3 I was really nervous and little bit tired after traveloing and busy week before flights, but all turned nice after all. People was so kind and Diego who runs the place is really great and nice person!

I also did my “I put spell on you” act first time with music what I have produced to myself. I have performing with other music but now the track is ready. Group of really talented musicians played, recorded and mixed to me and it is really gooooood!!!! I’m so happy! I working wit a video to you to see and hear!

If you follow me at Instagram you maybe did see my crafts and decoration sessions before trip. I was decorating my new outfit, my new costume. Pink one!! It’s awesome and big!! Huge boa which is made by the best tailor in the world, Anni Hiro!

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All photos by Andrea CoccatoLab