Joenzoo Tattoomania 2017 and my burlesque

OOOOh, I’m in love this nice event. This was my tirth time. Before I have played with my band, 2015 there. Last year I was a hostess.

This tie I have three shows. One was my deput for ”this is the mans world” act. I was order music, special to me for sing with it. The same musicians do it for me who I used to do music for my ”I put spell on you’ White spell” act. They are awesome, talented and do really great job. I did that white show first show. and the last was ”paint it black” act


In this new act I sing, I have headset microphone and do my thing… What the burlesquer do. Teaze!!!







Night Nurse played at LinnaCruising afterparty

What a awesome event. What a atmosphere!

At day there was burnout competitions at Ahvenisto and lot of other things to see. Bikes, cars…

People enjoying and have really nice time and the cruising was wonderful. People was Gathered on the road to see cruising. The Hämeenlinna city was full of American cars. Everyone seems to be really happy and this event was excepted.

Night Nurse played at night, last band in the evening party. I loved the audience and the gig was nice. Aulanko arena is great place to perform.

Here is few videos fro that 50mins set:






I registered to compete in figure and modeling


I did it. Few months back I did not guess that I going to do this. Like last fall I did not know that I compete in powerlifting. I desided that also just few months before I compete. And that was just because few of my people said that I should try it.

But this. I find Pure Elite Federation at internet when I was exploring athletes. Because I have a lot of tattoos I never had think that I could compete in physique. But after I find this I got little tought… maybe.

I liked that they have gategories to tattooed persons and for those who have been true big chalenges or cjanges or are mothers or just do big bodymodifigation. Gategories for bikini, fittnes, figure, muscle.

I want to try my changes in figure. I also registered to compete in tattooed muscle model gategorie and muscle model for 35 years old. So now I compete as an athlete and a as a model. Nice.

I have 10 weeks to get my body in shape. I need to work hard to change habits from powerlifting to bodybuilding. I need to change my diet too.

The competition is at 28.10 in UK, Margate.