I was invited to pose as a nurse,

NIGHT NURSE in a photoshoot to Amerikan Rauta Magazine.

I have done some photo shootings with Tomi earlier and it is always fun and the shots is diamond! Always a pleasure to work with professonal.

Maybe you have read about my bike from Amerikan Rauta few years back or seen my other photo series at my gallery?

Tomi is really renowned in circles of car enthusiasts. American Rauta Magazine was founded six years ago. Tomi Eronen who write the story about the car witch I pose with,  have been work with Amerikan Rauta Magazine since then. He have also work at GTi-Magazine and almost ten years. Lifestyle around american cars is been there like always. First Car was bought when hi was just 16-years old ’66 Rambler. Nowadays he have ’81 Cutlass lowrider and ’56 Mercury.

Music is another passion. Guitar stays in spesial place in his life and been there since he was ten.

Here a little video from shootings and pics from mag. You going to find photos later in my gallery.

Owner of the car: Marko Stjerbakoff

Photos and story/text in magazine: Tomi Eronen

Model: Camy, Night Nurse




Interview, YLE Tampere

Listen the radio interview 6.6. Yle Tampere, YLE Radio 1, 90,7 MHz

I’m there guest of Päivi Solja little after 15.00

YLE Radio 1 90,7 MHz