Breathtaking, Heart Stopping Artist, Pure-Elite Pro WORLD CHAMPION, Powerlifter, Singer, Composer and songwriter whos Voice makes the Blood run Cold, Lady Law and Disorder, singer, model and burlesque performer.

So who am I?

I am creative artist, I tattoo, sing, compose and write music to my band Night Nurse. I’m professional athlete, Figure and Muscle model World Champion. World- and Finnish Record Holder in powerlifting.

I am a versatile, full-featured recording artist, hostess, model and entertainer. I am restless, and wild child who drives a Harley Davidson.

I have many occupations, I working as a tattooer every day, running my own shop in Tampere, Finland.

They say that I’m a lifestyle coach, working with sports and around styling and beuty things.



Camy is Finnish and Finnish born creative and wild soul who is filled with ideas and dreams which she dares to make them happen. Her personality combines ingenuity, madness and energy like she was born to be multitalented artist.

Lifestyle of Camy is full of action. Whether it was fitness and healthy lifestyle or just letting herself loose in the world of sins. She loves music, vintage items and cars, drives Harley herself and for living she makes tattoos and performing, She is good known hostess in tattoo festivals. When she gets loud at the stage, she will stun you with her bloodcurdling rock sound!

Media talented Camy has education and work history in newspaper, tv and as photographer and she has been working as tattoo artist and entrepreneur since 2003. Her own tattoo studio called TattooCamy is located in Tampere, Finland. You can find her at the tattoo parlor at least four days a week while combining hobbies and other projects to her weekly schedule.

She’s been into music since the teenager years when she had her first band which was active up to 1996. After maturing, growing up and learning the ropes of life she started to find musicians around herself and at 2012 band called Jim Dandy’s Revenge changed everything. Surrounded with experienced and skilled musician she could finally let herself loose. Soon after the name was changed to Night Nurse and their debut album was released in January 2013. Ep 2015 and after many turns in band she get change to write and compose the songs for band 2017. New singles is out now and full album 2018. The band is NIGHT NURSE. They have played all over Europe.

For years, she has done various dance projects and more recently, focused to seductive burlesque world. She is performed Europe in burlesque events and in Finland at American Car Shows, Bike Shows and Tattoo Conventions.

Camy has plenty of different sides and styles to offer. You can see how adaptive, versatile and vibrant she is when you browse her galleries. The modeling experience since early 2000 really shows. She selects her own clothes and does her own makeup and styling. 2010 she graduated as a beautician.

Here at and blog section you can learn more about her lifestyle as tattoo artist, musician and what kind of stuff happens behind the scenes. After all, she is here to rock your world!


My facts

  • Waist: 28” (72cm)
  • Bust: 34DD (75F)
  • Hips: 34” (88cm)
  • Height: 64” (162cm)
  • Shoe size: 8/5 (38)
  • Body: athletic, muscular, other side tattooed
  • Hair: black (been red and orange)
  • Eyes: green


If you are interested of booking the Camy for modeling or if you have some other professional proposals, please send email to