Beginning of March I arranged great day with awesome group of people. We were shooting the music video for PURE MUA single.

First I need to say that I’m blessed that I have so talented and professional friends what makes job and projects fun, easy and creative. Like earlier, I have chance to make a video in a high technical settings. Profilight Oy studio gear, led walls and heavy smoke machine.

The video was shot again by Aura Production Oy Vesa Wahlroos who also make the editing.


The still photos, promos and behind the scenes shots is taken Irina Kolomijets.

And who make the make up and hair?


I have known her years. She have done many of my MUAH for photoshootings since my first competitions as a figure and muscle model competitor.



Dance group, now called Pure mua Dance Girls was Taru ja Tytti.

I am familiar with them, and their lovely, radiant personality, through twerk dance hobby.

Thank You also assistant Ellu.

All you my fans; I hope you enjoy the coming video. Stay Tuned. I love you!